Zero: The Only Number for Errors in Dental Appliances

A woman getting orthodontic treatmentAs more adults get orthodontic treatment, the demand for quality dental appliances increases as well. On a study conducted by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), perceptions of success in professions and relationships depend on how adults see themselves as needing better teeth.

For example, the majority of women interviewed among those needing better teeth, believe that potential love interests are worse when they have crooked teeth than persons with hair problems. Professionally, the majority of men and women also correlate failure with crooked teeth. For these reasons, many adults consult orthodontists.

No Restrictions on Customization

Orthodontists acquire dental appliances in orthodontic laboratories like Some labs provide high-quality appliances. Such appliances are done by experts who have been working in the industry for decades. Laboratories provide highly customizable appliances captured from digitally acquired scans. Files are sent directly from the office’s scanner to the laboratory. This way, efforts are minimized in downloading images from the scanner to computer and uploading the images from computer files to email.

Fewer Send-backs

An error caused by mistake in crafting the appliance may be the reason why the appliance would be sent back to an orthodontic laboratory. Worse, such appliance may need to be completely recrafted. This would cause not only losses for the orthodontic laboratory but also cause less future patients for the dental office. Patients will become frustrated because the laboratory just cannot get it right. Patient satisfaction would diminish, leading to less patient retention and ultimately, fewer referrals.

Each error in the business would cause the company some loss in income. For example, a simple sharp edge in the retainer causes tongue abrasion which then leads to an infection. A minute error in detail in an appliance that was not taken into account earlier has become a larger issue later on. Because of this, the only option for errors in making dental appliances is zero.

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