With the Right Environment there’s Hope for the Young and the Restless

Hope for the Young and the RestlessHad George Washington been alive today, he’d certainly be happy seeing the Statue of Liberty standing erect in the heart of America. But as soon as he hears of the innumerable run-ins with the law many of the youth have perpetuated, he might lose his cool and blow his top. It seems freedom has not been kind to our youth today – most especially boys; fortunately, all is not lost.

Youth is Wasted on the Young

If you look at how hard America fought for its freedom to self-govern in the early days, you would certainly be surprised that some of its young people are not showing so much promise.

Government data show that as young people grow in years, their tendency to use illicit drugs (e.g., powder cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, prescription painkillers) increases. Although there is a general decline in recent years in the use illegal drugs among young people, its use is still rampant. In 2014 alone use of illicit drugs for graders combined reached 27. 2 percent – notches down from the 34.1 percent peak in 1997.

And yet, America is facing a more sobering reality: By the age of 23, almost one in every three young Americans will have been arrested for anything from petty theft to acts of violence.

Saving Grace

It’s paramount therefore, that intervention for young people be done while they have not engaged themselves into a life of crime.

For this very reason, reform school for boys are important. What makes these schools amazing is they are geared to the individual needs of each erring youth who enrolls, according to the experts from Heritagertc.org. This means before any course of action is taken, thorough study is undertaken to understand the background and characteristics of the youth in question.

Such approach ensures each youth that passes through reform school gets greater chances to grow up as a responsible adult. Put in teamwork, leadership trainings and sports and you have an institution that truly builds character.

Definitely, with the right environment and guidance hope still springs eternal for the young and the restless.