Why Attractive People Have Earning Power

Attractive Female EmployeeWhen you're physically attractive, you not only earn raves for your beauty, but also more 'zeros' in your paycheck. The beautiful and well-groomed, according to a study, earn about 20% more than people with average looks. Although the link mainly refers to women, men can use findings from the study as a guide to make more money at work.

Grooming and Income

You earn more money as an attractive individual primarily because of your grooming habits, not just your features alone. It's not enough to have the pretty face, particularly if you're a woman. Researchers found the connection between grooming and income for men was minor compared to women.

This means that women who took the time to put on makeup and styled their hair were more than likely to earn more money. Whereas naturally attractive men still received good wages even without putting on moisturiser or brushing their hair.

Working Hard for Your Money

While this is certainly good news for the physically attractive, it’s not without some word of caution: grooming plays a big part. You’re not likely to get a raise if you’re a woman and you come to the office looking a bit unkempt. Some light makeup, careful hairstyling and power dressing will help you maintain earning power.

If you’re a man, a probable hindrance to your success is hair loss or alopecia. Hair loss can also mean the loss of your confidence, which is also crucial to your job performance. A study from one of Europe’s biggest teaching hospitals reveals that hair loss can also prompt a psychological breakdown.

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London-based FUE Clinics shares that no man should ever have the confidence-shaking feeling of worrying over baldness. Fortunately, you can consider innovative hair transplant solutions to restore your lustrous locks.

In connection with hair, another study found that British men prefer brunettes, not blondes. Black hair, as it turns out, is the sexiest while brown hair is the most attractive. The study, however, did not touch on which hair colour earns more money.

Naturally, your physical attractiveness is not the only factor to your earning power. It does help, but you will still need intelligence, the right skills and a good work ethic to succeed in your career.