When Toothache is Just Pain and When it already Means Decay

Dentists smilingHave you noticed sudden jolts of pain coming from a tooth whenever you drink or eat something cold or hot? It’s something no one looks forward to, especially in the morning when all one wants is to enjoy a cup of joe. So, just imagine how much more intolerable this becomes when the person experiencing it is your kid.

Southridge Pediatric Dentistry reminds parents never to underestimate toothaches, even when the pain your little ones feel only come from their temporary or primary teeth. Yes, their permanent teeth will ultimately take over to replace them. However, it’s vital that you keep their baby teeth just as healthy since damage to them can affect even their adult teeth.

Unpleasant sensations that are more than just minor inconveniences

For adults, toothaches are painful and disruptive to their routines. However, they have a sturdier constitution and higher tolerance for pain than children. So, when your kids suffer from such unpleasant sensations, don’t treat it as minor tooth sensitivity. When teeth reactions change after coming into contact with hot and/or cold, this usually indicates a more serious problem.

The earlier you have a pediatric dentist check and assess the issue, the earlier you can have a diagnosis, and the bigger chance your little ones have of avoiding further pain.

What pain in a tooth signals

Tooth pain or sensitivity can arise from various reasons. Enamel erosion, cavities, and gum recession are just a few, but these are the most common. Knowing and acknowledging that it’s more than an inconvenience is key to recognizing the value of early professional assessment since your dentist can then have more time to save your kids’ teeth and gums from further destruction.

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So, as soon as your child complains of a toothache or sensitivity, make sure you set up an appointment with a pediatric dentist as soon as possible.