What You Didn’t Know Missing or Lost Tooth Can Do To You

Girl smiling on a dental chairNowadays, tooth replacement appliances feature considerable improvements that they have become stronger, more durable, and closer to the looks and functions of natural teeth. And much thanks to the innovations the restorative dental industry has seen over the years, the list of appliances has grown to including fixed and removable prostheses, dental implants, crowns, and bridges.

This said, Miller Comfort Dental of Lakeville strongly suggests that you seek immediate dental services upon losing a tooth. You don’t want to put off having an experienced and capable dentist look after your situation, as doing so can lead to even more severe problems. Tooth loss isn’t something you should treat lightly, as it can negatively affect many aspects of your life, including the following:

Essential day to day activities

When you lose a tooth, it creates a gap in your mouth. An incomplete set of teeth can make eating more challenging, since you’ll have a hard time chewing and biting properly, which also means difficulties in swallowing. Furthermore, the space that the missing tooth left can have a considerable impact on your speaking abilities, as you may have problems pronouncing and enunciating words properly.

Misalignment and movement of the rest of your teeth

The longer you delay having your lost tooth replaced, the higher the odds of your remaining teeth moving away from their places. This movement can then result in teeth misalignment, which can significantly affect your bite. This is much more expensive to fix, as malocclusion typically requires the use of orthodontic appliances and even surgery.

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Lost tooth means lost confidence

Gaps in between teeth are never a nice thing to look at. This can then force you to hold back your smile, which can result in your facial appearance looking stricter. You may appear older than you are. And, because of your unsmiling face, people may not want to approach you. As a result, you may lose self-confidence.

As you can see, there’s more to lost or missing tooth than just them being aesthetic flaws. So, before any of these consequences happen, consult a dentist to find out more about your treatment options.