What to Do to Comply with Your Doctor’s Orders Religiously

Doctor writing prescription for patientMedical non-adherence is a serious matter in the United States. According to the New England Healthcare Institute, it contributes to the death of about 125,000 individuals every year. Some patients forget to take their prescription medicines while others intentionally skip them for different reasons.

If you’re on medication for whatever condition, it’s best to adhere to your doctor’s orders religiously. Here’s what you can do to make sure you do so:

Dispel Misguided Beliefs

Patient education is one of the most important factors to increase compliance. Apart from understanding the purpose of your medications, you should also debunk any misconception you have about them.

It’s not uncommon for patients to choose supplements over prescription drugs, thinking that the former is safer and would suffice to cure their condition. Others prematurely consider side effects as allergic reactions.

Consulting a healthcare provider you trust is important. This way, you can be comfortable to express your concerns and learn about the wisdom behind your prescriptions to ease your qualms.

Make Medications More Affordable

Sometimes, patients fail to take medications properly because their insurance doesn’t cover the cost of the prescription drugs they need. Many uninsured patients can’t even go to a doctor for financial reasons.

Fortunately, many organizations provide a prescription cost to give cash-strapped patients living with different chronic conditions access to proper medication. For instance, many programs offer Trulicity patient assistance to help certain diabetics regulate their blood sugar levels.

Ask to Decrease Dosage Frequency

A study reveals that decreasing the number of times the patient has to take medication promotes better adherence. Numbers show that a once-daily dosing has a higher adherence rate than that of a thrice-daily dosing. If you think dosage frequency can be a concern, talk to your doctor about it.

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Medication adherence can make the difference between life and death. Make conscious efforts to ensure you can take your prescription drugs correctly.