Use and Abuse: The Different Factors that Lead to Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction Treatment Facility in Farmington As you well know, a drug problem is unlike diseases that you just happen to catch from someone infected. Various elements usually combine leading to addiction and each of the components play a critical part in the development of drug abuse. You have to understand all of the key contributors to comprehend what your loved one is going through in a drug addiction treatment facility in Farmington, such as Renaissance Ranch Outpatient.


Every now and then, the way someone reacts and thinks during a particular situation can lead to drug abuse. For instance, there are those who act on impulse that they mainly base their decisions on stimulus compared to logical reasoning. These individuals just rely on the current benefits of the drug instead of thinking about the consequences in the future. Their impulsiveness will enable them to try out drugs, while others never dare touch it.

Based on a study published in the journal of Health Psychology, there’s a connection between personality aspects and drug use like a difficult temperament and poor self-control. These people don’t have the ability to connect with others, so they only have a few friends. They’ll find drugs as an ideal way to ease the pain.


According to the American Psychological Association, people who get addicted to drugs have roots deep in the cells, which mean that genetic factors are an aspect. The genes can cause quick leap in repetitive behaviors and fast reaction to drugs. It‘s also the reason for decreased ability to feel negative responses and increased euphoric response towards drugs.

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The said genetic factors can stimulate the attraction to drugs and their difficulty to overcome the addiction. The genes might not force the individual to try drugs, but it does make it hard for them to stop.

Not all individuals who have the listed contributing factors are more likely to experiment on drugs. However, when they do try, they would lose control of themselves.