Understanding the Types of Orthodontic Treatments

Woman Wearing Braces Check-upMisaligned teeth and malocclusions are among the common orthodontic conditions. If left untreated, these can cause more severe oral problems such as tooth decay, gum infection, crooked teeth and many more. Some may even develop speech problems and breathing difficulties.

Industry professionals have been consistent in improving various tools and methods to determine and implement the right dental care plan for patients. Some of the popular dentists that practice orthodontics in Townsville cites the different orthodontic treatments available today.

Braces for Bite Problems

Wearing dental braces can help fix bite problems or malocclusion. First, your orthodontist needs to examine the condition of your teeth and jaw. They need to determine if the problem is an underbite, crossbite or open bite. A misaligned jaw is also a possibility for such conditions. The key is to develop a long-term treatment plan to prevent severe conditions, such as premature tooth loss and bone structure damage.

Typically, they will require certain lab exams, including X-rays and photographic tests. If they notice any growing abscesses or gum inflammation, they may likewise recommend a root canal treatment before applying dental braces. After treating the problem, they may start getting the measurements for your braces.

Materials for Dental Braces

One of the biggest developments in orthodontics is the quality of materials used in dental braces. Other than the standard metal brackets, more options are available today. These include Invisalign or invisible braces, self-ligating braces, retainers and lingual braces. These materials look more natural and provide better mobility and stability.

There is a difference between a general dentist and an orthodontist. Whilst there are some clinics offering dental braces, make sure you are dealing with a licensed orthodontist. Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry focusing on more advanced treatments.

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In addition, beware of dental braces available in online shops. The price might be cheaper, but you are prone to fall victim to false marketing and scams. To be safe, ask for referrals and trust only certified orthodontists.