Tuition-Free State Colleges: The Answer to the Lack of Education in the Philippines?

Smiling Filipino college studentEducation plays a huge role in the lives of Filipinos. For some, it could be the ticket to a life out of poverty. Having a college diploma, after all, guarantees better career opportunities and a chance to get a good, well-paying job.

Quality education is one of the best tools a Filipino can carry to give their families a better life. Fortunately, a new law could help families meet the educational needs of the students of tomorrow by granting tuition-free education in all state universities and colleges.

Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education

House Bill 5633 provides free tuition for all state universities in the Philippines. Since quality education is the cornerstone of President Rodrigo Duterte’s social development policy, he asserts that the long-term benefits of the law will outweigh the budgetary challenges.

Apart from tuition-free education, the law also covers other charges, such as libraries, computer units, registration, admission, and medical fees, as well as school ID and guidance expenses.

Finding the Appropriate Funding for the Free-Tuition Program

The new law comes with financial challenges, however: Benjamin Diokno, Budget Secretary, claims that the policy requires at least P100 billion in funding, which the government currently cannot afford. Even if education already receives a huge chunk in the national budget, it might still need official development assistance.

Education: A Priority for Filipino Families

While the tuition-free law provides hope for families, meeting the educational needs of the Filipino family also calls for financial responsibility on the parent’s part. Education, after all, requires paying for more than tuition fees — it also entails paying for school supplies, lunch money, and transport fare.

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With financial awareness and getting a head-start on budgeting with a personal insurance plan, families can ensure that their children finish school and work in their dream job.

The tuition-free program of 2018 could be a game-changer for Filipino families. With the right fiscal planning, a family’s goals for the future could be very well in reach.