Traits of the Keeper for a Long-Term Relationship

People in a RelationshipSome seekers of long-term relationships have failed to find the partners of their dreams despite their efforts. This may sound like a familiar story, maybe you did it as well, the attempt is right, but perhaps you’re overlooking or completely missing out on traits that keepers have. An expert from a Scottsdale matchmaking services company lists the following characteristics that a keeper has.


A keeper understands how love works and is fearless enough to question themselves. They actively find ways to improve the relationship rather than preserve their ego. They ask the serious questions about how to become better partners and persons. They want both parties to win and not come out on top of an argument at the expense of their partner. They are willing to own to their mistakes and make a compromise if possible. They make ideal partners because they combine the strength of their ego and their ability to remain flexible.

They Don’t Patronize

A keeper understands the ups and downs of a relationship and the real threat of boredom to the undoing of it. They have a way of holding onto their version of excitement that’s why they can respond to an uninteresting experience by tapping into their internal resources to get meaning and joy out of it. They do as much as possible to find something positive out of a thing or situation they find interesting. When they exhaust these, they don’t patronize and continue to pretend they are interested.


According to research, one of the ways to predict your partner’s faithfulness is to determine how much self-control he or she has. This is a hard trait to measure, but two of the ways to do so is to find out if he or she has difficulties waiting for things or activities and if they pay attention to you.

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These are traits that you want to see in your potential long-term partner. These are indicators if they can stay faithful and loyal to you for a long time.