Three Solutions to Missing Teeth

a man with a missing toothTrauma, tooth infection, and diseases such as diabetes can lead to loss of teeth. This can leave you with low self-esteem, cause discomfort when eating, and lead to damage or loss of more teeth. Teeth loss can be corrected through various procedures. The procedure may depend on your preferences, budget, long-term needs and dentist’s advice. enumerates the options you can choose from:


These are removable tooth replacements that can be fixed at will. They take care of one or several missing teeth. Often, dentures require metal attachments to help them stay in place because they tend to slip when eating or talking. It is recommended that you remove dentures at night and soak in a cleaning solution. Temporary dentures are a short-term solution as a more permanent solution is sought.


Teeth implants are a more permanent solution where the new tooth is designed to mimic the appearance, shape, and functions of the missing one. The implants will feel just like your natural teeth. They do not have to interfere with the other teeth. You can have a one-tooth implant or several teeth replaced.


When you have a missing tooth, a bridge can also be an appropriate choice. The adjacent teeth are filed or cut to fix them together with the bridge. This is a permanent solution to a missing tooth.

Some people may choose to do nothing when they have a missing tooth. Even if they do not feel the effects, with time, other teeth start to incline towards the space loosening and causing alignment problems. Eventually, you end up losing more teeth. To avoid this, fill up the missing gaps, which will not only improve your smile but maintain the remaining teeth in good shape.

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