Three Simple Ways to Maximize Your Workouts

Man working out in gymThe start of the year is often the time when most people resolve to get healthier. It is the time when you dust off your gym membership card, revisit your jog route or decide to get back to your swimming routine. After an overindulgent holiday season, you naturally want to burn excess calories and get your pre-holiday form back. Most people go to the gym for this purpose. Here are three tips to maximize your fitness classes in Irmo.

Up the intensity

It is the intensity of the exercise that raises your body’s metabolism. Just going through the motions for the sake of getting an exercise routine done won’t cut it. For example, if you jog, it is better to feel winded after 20 minutes than being in a comfortable pace after 45 minutes. You would know that your intensity is lacking when you can still have the capacity to step it up and tax your system further.

Be competitive

A study from the Preventative Medicine Reports compared the ways people motivate themselves for a workout. It was found that competition was a far stronger motivator than friends’ support. Also, leaving people alone rather than giving them support works better for their motivation. Go for fitness classes that foster some competition and reap the benefits of a more resolved mind and body.

Play your favorite songs

Listening to your favorite hits motivate you to push yourself harder. Some research found that the use of music during high-intensity workouts lets you see the activity as more enjoyable. Whether you are into party music, throwback 80s hits, or grunge rock, what matters is that you play the music that you enjoy the most. Invest in a good headphone, amp the volume, and enjoy while doing some serious physical activity.

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Working out smarter is better than working out harder. Reap the benefits of a smart workout by practicing these three simple tips.