Things That Affect Your Suitability for Dental Implants

Smiling senior woman with new dental implants sitting in the dental officeThose who know better choose dental implants over dentures or bridges. Apart from resembling natural teeth, implants also provide a stable support that eventually fuses with your jawbone. This means that the artificial teeth will stay in your mouth and become an important part of your oral and overall health.

Dental Problems

However, before you decide to get implants, you need to address first any dental problem that you may have. If you notice bad breath, sore gums, or bleeding gums whenever you brush or floss your teeth, have yourself checked for a possible gum disease. The said condition can cause bone loss, which can affect the volume or quality of the implant site. The dentist will reverse or treat your gum disease first before pursuing with the procedure.

Bad Habits

Clinics that provide dental implants in Paddington note that vices like smoking and heavy drinking are also an issue when placing implants. These bad habits can compromise the health of your gums and can affect your healing and recovery. In fact, many dentists will not allow implants if the patients are not willing to kick the habit. If you happen to have medical problems, it is best to talk to your dentist or doctor.

Teeth Grinding

Habits like bruxism (clenching or grinding teeth) can also affect the dental implants. Signs of teeth grinding include chipped edges of the enamel, flattened teeth and abnormal tooth wear. The thing about bruxism is that you may not know you do it because it usually happens when you are asleep. Your dentist can determine if you grind your teeth and ask you to wear a night guard to protect the implants.

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Dental implants are a great way to replace lost teeth. Unlike conventional dentures, they do not have to be removed when eating. You can also smile confidently with a stable and natural-looking set of artificial teeth. This makes it important to maintain a good oral health and address any issues that can affect your suitability for implants.