These Are Singapore’s Iconic Man-Made Wonders

The Merlion fountain lit up against the Singapore skylineSingapore is one of the safest, most modern and richest countries, not just in the region, but in the world. Who would have thought that a small patch of land with little to no resources would be a business, technology and innovation hub? The country modernised itself through shrewd deals, a dedicated leader and a citizenry that understood the vision.

Through Singapore’s man-made wonders, one can see the ingenuity and capability of people working together.

Changi Airport

Changi Airport is consistently among the best airports in the world, it comes as no surprise as it combines boutique hotel ambience, different facilities such as leisure, gaming and lounging areas just to name a few, and a distinct architectural design. If you are just passing through the country, you may as well not leave the airport because everything you need is there. It also has a distinctly Singaporean atmosphere wherein you get to see what makes the country ‘Singapore’.


As one of the interesting places to go in Singapore, many visitors visit this island for fun, relaxation and enjoyment. It has many theme parks, one of which is Universal Studios, and beaches, the most popular of which are Palawan, Siloso and Tanjung. Imagine just a few decades ago this place was nothing more than a jungle and a small patch of land. It has transformed into a premier destination that has a bit of everything tourists are looking for.

Gardens by the Bay

The iconic super trees combine man-made ingenuity with nature; these towering structures light up the night in neon colours. It is also a part of the country’s beautiful cityscape and is a great place for a night or morning stroll.

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Marina Bay Sands

This multi-billion dollar complex is part of the country’s magnificent skyline and cityscape. The area has the unique Science Museum, Helix Bridge and the Casino along with nightlife bars and restaurants, and premier shopping centres.

These are some of Singapore’s iconic and architectural feats; these display the countries ingenuity and its ability to modernise itself despite a lack of resources. Visit some of these places to learn more about the country and have a good time as well.