The Working Person’s Guide to Reaching Optimal Health

Couple working outOur busy schedule can mean two things: we are productive and earning a lot, or we are too drawn into our jobs that we forget to take care of ourselves. The latter is not surprising as most Americans are, in fact, overworked.

In a survey of more than a thousand respondents, some 25 percent said they hardly consume their vacation leaves while the other quarter said they work more than 50 hours a week. This has led to a rise in health care cost because more people are getting sick.

Though life will continue to fill schedules and dish out never-ending demands, there’s no reason at all to stop caring for your health.

To guide you on the right path to optimal health, consider these four S’s.


Sacrificing means replacing what you’re used to eating with healthier options. Sweets, chips and other unhealthy foods can take a backseat as fruits and greens take over. And instead of pizza or candy for a snack, go for trail mix or granola bars.

Sign up

If you want to ward off work stress, sign up for membership in a gym in Portland such as MUV Fitness Portland so that you can work out after office hours. And because exercise releases endorphins, your mood and your sleeping habits can greatly improve.

Say no

Cigarettes and bottles of beer may sound nice after a long day at work, but they won’t do your body any favor. Learn to say no to these vices. Not only will they raise blood pressure but also increase stress levels.

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Finally, one of the secrets to good health is to take some time off and enjoy life. Sing to your heart’s content, go on a road trip, visit friends or even celebrate your birthday in style. The happier you are, the more you’ll glow inside, which in turn benefits your entire well-being.

There you go; a list of the things you can do to stay healthy. How you go from here is up to you.