The Two Secrets to Overcoming Tooth Loss Blues

a man with missing toothThe possibility of losing one or more teeth may cause deep psychological issues for many, pushing them to delay extraction. Avoiding the dentist only complicates the matter and puts their oral health at risk.

Believe it or not, your set of pearly whites influence your outlook on life. Research shows that many people are prone to deep psychological issues after going through tooth extractions. Anxiety, frustration, and even depression can be an effect in patients who’ve lost a tooth or more. Some people are lucky to shrug off the loss, but others have difficulty coping. An expert in dental implants in Knowle opines, “Luckily, breakthrough dental technology can come to our rescue after such an event.”

Grieve Your Loss (Quickly)

Denial can be the root of your dental problems when it comes to any loss — and yes, even teeth. A physical injury or an undiagnosed dental condition might make it necessary to remove one or more of your teeth. As sad as it might be, you would do well to heed the advice of the dentist and have them removed. When your dental hygienist recommends an extraction, the tooth might be far too damaged to save. Delaying treatment will only worsen the situation. Therefore, coming to terms with the possibility of losing one of more of your teeth is the best way to deal with the eventual outcome.

Get a Replacement as Soon as Possible

Thanks to modern dental technology, tooth loss is not a permanent sentence. Depending on the tooth replacement method, you can have your teeth extracted and healing cap placed on the same day. Alternatively, you may have to wait six months to replace a tooth in the upper jaw or five months for the lower jaw. The choice of replacement method may depend on several factors including your oral health and the state of your jaw. The entire process might take up to a year to complete successfully, but the replacement tooth will serve you for a lifetime.

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If you have to lose a tooth, don’t despair. There is a perfect solution to your woes. With modern dental implants, a dentist can fix your mouth to ensure a perfect smile.