The Possible Consequences of Being in a Motor Vehicle Accident

The truck lies in a ditch after the road accidentAccidents can happen at any time, and you’re lucky if no one got hurt from the one you’re involved in. With the help of paramedics, it’s easy to check that everyone is free from serious injuries. However, the accident may also result in conditions that you do not notice until later.

Neck Pain

Even if you were able to hit the brakes and prevent collision of two or more vehicles, you may still experience neck pain as a result of the sudden movement. If you notice pain in your neck or back days or weeks after the accident, and other experts say that you may need to go to a local chiropractor in West Jordan to help you recover. It’s also best to visit a physician to see if there is anything else that could be cause for concern.


If you were the driver who caused an accident, you may be anxious to drive immediately after it. It’s okay to take some time off the road. You may go on shorter trips as you start to get comfortable behind the steering wheel again. Take someone with you, so you will have someone to talk to on the journey. And don’t forget to wear your seatbelt.

If you are the passenger, you may be overly cautious of the person driving the vehicle, so make sure you’re only riding with someone you trust to be careful on the road.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of traumatic stress. You should not beat yourself up over having trouble being on the road again after a serious incident. Facts show that 1% of the population may end up injured in a motor accident. Talk to a therapist if you have been injured or have injured someone, and work through your feelings of guilt and anxiety to deal with what has happened.

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You may think you’re unfortunate for being in a road accident, but the fact is that there are several factors beyond your control that could have caused the accident. In any case, work towards the emotional and physical stress caused by the incident before you start driving again.