The Culprits Behind a Double Chin

Michigan Lady On a Strict DietAre you wondering why you have a double chin despite your average or skinny build? Just because you are thin does not mean you will not have fat deposits around your neck. Certain reasons, such as drastic loss or increase of weight and even posture, may cause this condition.

Weight Gain and Loss

When you eat too much without proper exercise, your body will create fat deposits around the neck, arms, thighs and stomach. Your chin will accumulate fat just like any other part if you eat fatty food. The skin will stretch and result in the second chin that sags down from your neck. Obese people will also develop this condition because of their lifestyle.

If you think only fat people have a double chin, you are wrong; skinny people may also have this problem. Drastic weight loss causes the initial shape of the skin to deform, resulting in hanging and loose flabs. A fat dissolver like Kybella is one of the ways to effectively remove this fat deposit.

Muscle and Bone Structure

Certain people have the genetics that results in jaw bones that protrude down; they will develop a double chin naturally. The structure of the muscles of the face and neck as their formation and layout will determine the face’s shape and embedment.

Some people are predisposed to having more fat cells in certain parts of their body, such as the thighs, arms and neck. If you have more fat cells in the chin region, you are likely to have a double chin.

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Posture and Facial Expressions

The way you position your head may increase the likelihood of developing a double chin. A slumping posture may result in some fat accumulation just below the chin. To counter poor head position and posture, perform certain exercises even at work or once you get home. Some face movements and expressions may result in structural changes on your face, which includes the chin.

These culprits behind the development of a double chin may make you look fatter despite a skinny or average frame. Watching what you eat, maintaining a good posture, and performing regular exercises will prevent the second chin from forming. Certain treatments will also effectively remove fat deposits in the chin and neck area.