Teeth Whitening: Choose the Safe and Effective Option

Woman pointing at her white teethIf you have noticeably yellow teeth, it is likely that you may want to try over-the-counter whitening products like toothpaste and kits. While they promise to brighten your choppers, they don’t produce the same results you can expect from a dentist.

The British Dental Association, furthermore, notes that some DIY kits might not be safe, as they don’t declare the chemicals used in those products.

Safety of Procedure

It is always advisable to visit a trained professional for a safe and effective whitening procedure. Teeth whitening centres in Birmingham like Euro Dental Care note that the dentist will discuss the available options and determine if the procedure is right for you. Before the treatment, the dentist will also give you a chart to know the current shade of your teeth and what shade they will be after the procedure.

Getting the Right Results

Whitening may involve an application of the right amount of bleach using custom-made trays. Your dentist will then tell you the number of treatment you need to get the shade that you want. Note that this will still depend on the type of whitening procedure chosen, as well as the current colour of your teeth. You may also do the whitening at home, with the dentist giving you instructions on how to do it.

Temporary Sensitivity

It is common to feel sensitivity after the procedure, but this is just temporary. Your dentist may advise you to avoid hot or cold food and beverages within 24 to 48 hours after the whitening treatment. They will also give recommendations on how to deal with associated pain. It is also good to know the sensitivity is experienced intermittently and not regularly.

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A consultation with the dentist is important to know what products are safe for your teeth and gums. Those that are provided by non-professionals may not be appropriate for you and lead to blistered lips or damaged gums. Using products that are inappropriate for you are a waste of money, as they produce undesirable results.