Studies Say Cosmetic Surgery Can Make You a More Confident and Happier Person

A woman undergoing cosmetic surgeryA lot of people are willing to go under the knife for a cosmetic procedure. They do this because they believe it will make them more confident and happier. If you notice people who have undergone breast implants in Salt Lake City appearing more content, a recent study linking plastic surgery and happiness backs this observation.

The Margraf, Meyer, and Lavallee Study

The study by European university researchers was about the benefits of cosmetic surgery. It showed that cosmetic treatments help patients gain more self-esteem and happiness.

The participants fell into three groups:

  • Those who were undergoing their first cosmetic surgery (most of which were women)
  • Those who considered going under the knife, but decided against it
  • Those who said they had never thought about having a cosmetic procedure done.

The procedures include breast implants, mommy makeovers, liposuction, and tummy tucks, among others.

Participants answered questions about their well-being and health before and after the surgery. Results showed that those who went through with the procedure were less anxious. They also felt healthier. They exuded more confidence and liked their body better as a whole, compared to the other two groups. Likewise, participants who underwent cosmetic procedures showed no adverse effects.

Backed by Previous Studies

Results of previous studies support the findings of the new research. For one, Cornell University’s Dr. Neil S. Sadick performed a study in 2008 which focused on the effects of cosmetic treatments. These included both surgical and non-surgical interventions. The results were the same: an improvement in the patients’ confidence and well-being.

Various studies have proven that people feel better after a procedure. They also become more confident about how they look. So, believe it when people say they are happier post-surgery; it is likely true.

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