Slow, Rapid, and Healthy: The Truth about Weight Loss

Weight LossIt’s normal to want to lose weight fast. The sad part is this doesn’t happen overnight. Besides, it’s always better to lose weight gradually, as those who so do are more likely to keep it off for the long-term. The slow approach can also encourage you to adopt healthy habits like eating more fruits and vegetables and consuming less sugary foods.

The Deal with Rapid Weight Loss

Gradual weight loss is said to be better, but this doesn’t mean that rapid weight loss isn’t effective. While everyone sheds pounds differently, some studies say rapid approach can be as effective as a slow but steady one. This is especially true if you have assistance from doctors and dieticians. MD diet clinics in Orem note long-term weight loss success is likely with support from professionals.

The Healthy Rate of Losing Weight

A healthy and safe rate, according to experts, is losing one to two pounds per week. Losing more than the said figure is considered too fast. It could also put you at risk for health issues like nutritional deficiencies, muscle loss, and decreased metabolism. You should know, however, that it’s normal to lose more than that during the first week of your diet or exercise.

Shedding More Pounds in the First Week

Experts suggest that for the initial period of starting a new diet plan, you’re likely to lose more than two pounds. At this time, you’re losing your water weight. Note at the time you eat fewer calories than what you burn, your body begins to tap into glycogen or energy stores. Glycogen releases the water it holds on to when burned up or used.

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Back to Gradual and Steady

While you’re likely to experience a significant change in your weight during the first week, keep in mind that when the body uses up all the stores of glycogen, you can expect your weight loss to stabilize at one to two pounds per week. You might be disappointed, but you still need to continue with your efforts and be reminded slow weight is easier to maintain for the long-term.

Whether you’re planning to lose weight or starting a new diet program, it’s best to get help from medical professionals. This is to determine the right diet and exercise plan for you and improve your chances of long-term success.