Should You Always See an Endocrinologist if You Have Hashimoto’s?

A woman having a check up with an endocrinologistIt makes sense that those suffering from thyroid diseases like Hashimoto’s should consult an endocrinologist, although patients should not always rely on them for treatment.

Most doctors use a traditional approach to treating thyroid conditions such as the use of medication to replenish hormone levels. The treatment particularly addresses the problem of the thyroid gland being unable to produce hormones on its own. For those with Hashimoto’s, however, they may look for other options if orthodox methods fail to meet their expectations.

Alternative Treatment

If you live in Idaho, a health and wellness center in Boise could be an alternative to conventional medicine to treat your condition. RedRiver Health and Wellness Center reminds, however, that you still need to visit an endocrinologist, preferably someone with extensive knowledge of thyroid pharmacology.

This is because a doctor with an in-depth experience of working with different medications, aside from Synthroid, will be able to provide you with a better diagnosis on the type of drug that works better for your case. It is also important to look for a professional with proper training on determining the underlying root cause of your autoimmune condition, as they could be able to provide a solution beyond simply prescribing certain drugs.

Root Cause Approach

An underactive thyroid may indicate that you have Hashimoto’s, which can normally be treated with diet and lifestyle changes combined with supplemental hormones. Still, a good doctor will not only be content with giving diet or lifestyle advice, but also attempt to figure out the specific factors that cause or worsen the condition.

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The healthcare industry defines this as functional medicine. Practitioners in this field may come from different medical branches, including nutritionists, medical doctors and nurses.

Patients with Hashimoto’s should be open-minded when it comes to potential solutions, which should focus on creating a balance between conventional and alternative forms of treatment.