Roles of Nurses in Hospice Services

Old PeopleHospice services ensure that those with a terminal illness and their families get support until the end of life. Their philosophy is that everybody deserves some dignity and care before departing to the other world.

The role of nurses in a hospice setting is to cater to specific needs discussed below.


One role played by nurses in hospice care is to educate the whole hospice team and together with the patient and family members. It is their role to explain to the members of the hospice team how to handle patients during this trying period.

It is their duty to ensure that people accept the situation and handle it appropriately.


Another function played by nurses in hospice care here in Indiana is to offer direction to staff and family. They provide coping mechanisms to the affected and guide them on the appropriate measures to take to accept that they will have to let go, eventually, of their loved ones.


Nurses are also responsible for intermittent care. The nurses offer certain special healthcare to the patients that other hospice members are not able to offer. They provide medications to the patients and answer their calls whenever they need special care.


Spiritual support and communication are other roles nurses play in hospice care. They communicate with chaplains and ministers to offer spiritual support to the patients so that they accept their situation.

They talk to priests who offer guidance and counseling sessions for the patients and their family members so that the whole period is made easier.

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Nurses in hospice care are a pillar of support during this trying time between the patient and family members. They are licensed and qualified to carry out specific roles that the patient and the family members of the patient might need.