Restaurant Reality: Pointers to Speed Up Your Kitchen’s Productivity

Restaurant RealityThe life story of a restaurant begins and ends in the kitchen. What you serve, regardless of its visual appeal, should always taste good. Make your kitchen a top-notch workplace through these essential improvements.

Perfect Your Inventory – As your restaurant continues to expand, you’ll soon realize that there are more factors that can be improved besides visual appeal. Think about how you prepare your menu. How much time do you use setting up ingredients and cooking everything? Kitchen production time should be at its smallest possible count per dish. Use better ingredients that are premade, such as brown gravy mixes, different sauces, and even premade garnishes to shave off those precious prep seconds.

Enforce Quality – There’s nothing wrong with expecting the best with each member of your kitchen. However, any manager or director can insist on boosting quality, but still have no clear image of how to achieve it. Instead of giving long speeches about what went wrong or how important teamwork is, show it. Keep your talks short and to the point. Enforce individual roles so they know what good they contribute. In addition, it would be best to practice sending regular memos to your people for faster facilitation of information.

Provide Opportunities – No leader stands in the light for too long. They let their coworkers and fellow managers get credit when it’s due. It also means that a good leader is willing to stand back and provide the right space for others to willingly improve by themselves and carry out their expertise. Let your staff work on their strengths and allow them to speak up when they have something worth saying.

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With these long-term tips for speeding up your kitchen staff’s productivity, you can give your restaurant some much-needed profit, positivity and life. Focus on the daily, minor improvements and keep building upon affirmations. That way, you don’t waste ingredients, time, and opportunities to serve your customers.