Rainy Day Blues: This Season Calls for Umbrellas, Rain Boots, and Health Insurance

Droplets of rain by the windowIt’s that time of the year again. After endless days of sunshine and blue skies, it’s time to face the gray clouds and the downpour. Of course, often with the rain come buckets of trouble. From illnesses to accidents, the rainy season is not to be trifled with. Be prepared for all the possibilities and you won’t be taken by surprise.

Season’s dangers to look out for

With an overcast that looks like it could go on for miles, only one thing comes to mind, rain. Torrential rain, with winds strong enough to drench you to your socks. In addition, with the rains come illnesses like colds or pneumonia. Storms bring floods that carry diseases out of the sewers and filthy rivers.

If those weren’t enough, accidents happen more often now that the roads are wet and slippery. Strong winds can also knock down powerlines; coupled with wet and flooded streets; it’s just a season full of danger. Diseases spread quickly with the wind and rain, and a strong constitution is not enough to avoid it. As such, it’s highly recommended that you look into affordable health coverages and other insurance plans, so that you don’t break the bank every time the rains come rolling in.

Always be prepared

To avoid such circumstances, it is always best to be prepared. Take an umbrella with you, even when it doesn’t look like it will rain; the weather is known to be fickle. When it does rain, put on a sturdy raincoat. That way, you’ll be shielded from the brunt of the weather, and you’ll stay relatively dry. For added measure, pull on a pair of rain boots as well. That’ll keep the flood waters out of your feet, and disease out of your system. Flood waters are known to carry a multitude of illnesses, so it’s best to prevent the water from ever touching your skin. Also, make sure you take with you first aid medicines and rubbing alcohol. Vitamins are also a must in such hazardous weather.

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Rains are inevitable in a tropical country, therefore, keeping dry and healthy is your responsibility. The rains won’t stop for you, no matter how inconvenient it gets. So don’t forget your rainy day essentials. After all, prevention is better than cure.