Not Just Any Dentist: Suggestions for Choosing a Dental Clinic

Dentist discussing the checkup resultsSeeing a dentist is an important part of your dental health. Brushing twice and flossing once every day can do a lot in keeping down the formation of plaque and preventing tooth decay and gum disease, but only a dentist can remove hard-to-reach plaque and work on imperfections on your teeth. Some people can get away with seeing a dentist only once a year. Most people follow the recommended twice a year dental checkup and cleaning. Some others — usually those who have crooked or crowded teeth, and are therefore more prone to plaque formation, tooth decay, and gum disease — may need more visits per year. But how do you choose which dental clinic in Oviedo to visit? Here are some suggestions.


There are two places you have to consider first: your home and your place of work. A clinic close to either one can save you travel time. If your dentist is too far from home or work, you have a higher likelihood of procrastinating on your visits.


A clinic with a schedule that doesn’t match yours in any way can become a problem. You may have to miss at least a half day of work just to fit in your dentist’s schedule. Unless the dentist is willing to see you after hours or on weekends, you’d be better off going elsewhere.

Payment options

This should also include the cost, as different dental practices may charge different rates for the same procedure. Make sure to find out how much the clinic charges for what you typically need, such as regular cleaning. Find out also if they accept your insurance, credit cards, cash, or whatever mode of payment you usually use. Some procedures may require you to pay out-of-pocket partially or entirely. Ask about these procedures.

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You should be personally comfortable with the dentist and happy with the staff. If you have dental anxiety, you may also want to find out what type of sedation they offer. This also involves the dentist’s professionalism and friendliness with patients. You may only see your dentist twice or three times a year, but it’s important that you know as much about them as possible so you can stay comfortable and happy with the invaluable service they provide. Use these suggestions for choosing your dentist.