Cosmetic DentistryIn today’s selfie-obsessed society, there is a lot pressure to be beautiful. Many people spend a lot of money buying clothes that flatter them or make a statement, or on skincare products, hair colourants and conditioning products.

It is a positive thing to want to make the most of ourselves, but a lot of us ignore our smile despite it being often the first thing that people notice about us.

It is no secret that our emotional health is tied closely to our physical health. Since smiling means you are happy, you will likely live a longer, more relaxed life than those who regularly frown. Smiling boosts your immune system and can help you live seven years longer on average.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Have you ever considered looking into a treatment by a cosmetic dentist? People are often put off by what it might potentially entail, whether that is the treatment, the cost or simply a trip to the dentist that isn’t necessary to relieve immediate pain.

A good cosmetic dentist, such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists offers a wide range of treatments to completely renovate and rejuvenate a tired or broken smile, which range from quick aesthetic fixes to extensive and complete overhauls of the structure of your mouth and teeth.


Teeth whitening is a popular procedure to help you achieve the bright white Hollywood style smile that we see so often in films. A whiter smile has a flattering youth-giving effect. The treatment can be undertaken either ‘in-chair’ at the dental practice, or more frequently at home, after organising a customised kit with your dentist.

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Braces are becoming a more popular choice for your cosmetic dentistry requirements. They now come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They are either fixed or removable and some of them are offered in a clear form that are near-invisible to other people. Hidden braces that sit on the back of the teeth are another convenient alternative.

Veneers are also a popular choice. They are a very thin, tooth-coloured piece of porcelain bonded on top of your own teeth. Based on the shape and size of the teeth, veneers can be adjusted to make your teeth overall look longer and/or closer together.

For information on these procedures, and many others, contact your local cosmetic dentist and book in for an consultation.