Myths About Locum Tenens Careers You Should Not Believe

A Doctor's AppointmentEven with the rapid growth in health services, there is still an insatiable need for physicians. Staffing specialist Interim Physicians notes that more and more healthcare facilities need interim staffing, and they turn to locum tenens for help.

However, locum tenens practice has misconceptions around them that affect the way people view locum tenens for family medicine practice.

Myth #1: Locum tenens practice is for semi-retired doctors

Locum tenens practice is a viable option for any physician regardless of the stage he or she is in the medical career. In fact, locum tenens give you the chance to choose an area of specialty in medical practice, thus preventing burnout in your career.

Myth #2: You will attend to undesirable cases

As a locum tenens physician, you will work in a clinic that needs your specialized services. You will also attend to patients when the permanent staff members are out for leave. Nothing is as fulfilling in a physician’s career as saving lives.

Myth # 3: Working as a locum tenens affects one’s credentials negatively

Nothing in a professional’s curriculum vitae matches the impact of work experience; not even the attained level of education.

Locum tenens give physicians a chance to learn various medical practice approaches, even exposing one to EMR practices. Locum tenens offer excellent employment benefits that no faculty manager would resist to collaborate with such a physician.

Myth #4: Locum tenens physicians work in unpleasant locations

You get to choose where you wish to offer your locum tenens services. Some doctors opt for health facilities close to their home, while others opt for places farther from home. Most importantly, locum tenens physicians offer their services in areas they feel their service will be of great help.

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Locum tenens for family medicine are beneficial to both medical practitioners and health facilities requiring their services. However, myths about locum tenens practice limit both parties from the benefits that come with locum tenens, and this affects the healthcare industry significantly.

There are locum tenens agencies that seek to bridge this gap and connect locum tenens physicians to healthcare facilities in need of their services.