Moissanite/Diamond: What’s the Big Deal about the Former?

Gemstones Of all the gemstones out there, diamond remains the most popular option, especially for those looking for a stone to put on a ring, may it be an engagement or a wedding band. But as you already know, diamonds do not come cheap. Although the Diamond Buying Guide categorizes these stones with the cheapest at $125, it can actually go up to nearly a million dollars.

This is the primary difference between moissanite and diamond, states.

A fraction of the cost for almost the same qualities

As mentioned above, the biggest distinguishing factor between these two gemstones is their price. The former costs roughly only about eight compared to the latter.

However, there is more to moissanite than just its far cheaper price. It actually shares many different qualities with the hardest, most precious stone in the earth. These characteristics make it extremely attractive for those who want quality, quantity, and of course, beauty.

Diamonds: A quick overview

This particular stone is unique among other minerals on earth. Aside from being the most expensive of all stones, it also possesses unequaled hardness, heat conduction capabilities, and melting point. All these make it the hardest, naturally occurring stone on the planet.

Moissanites: Why it’s the best diamond alternative

As mentioned above, moissanites have a huge price difference over the diamonds, but at the same time, possess nearly the same characteristics. In terms of hardness, it ranks second to diamond, which means it is almost just as durable. This alone should already catch your attention, but there is actually more. Aside from hardness, it has a fire and brilliance nearly comparable to diamonds, and many people love the fact that, because most moissanites are lab-created, they are the more eco-friendly option.

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There are just so many things to love about these synthetic stones, but the ones mentioned above should already make you realize just how great an alternative it is for your initial choice.