Mistakes that Hinder You From Reaping the Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of MeditationA lot of people started meditating at one point in their life, but they gave up along the way. Meditation is not a 100-meter race where you just dash, and you are done within a few seconds or minutes. You cannot cheat your way through meditation. With that said, here are mistakes that are probably hindering your progress in meditation:

Not embracing distractions

Trying to fight distractions is like fighting with some invisible force, you will not win. Embrace distractions and they will stop bothering you with time. You can minimize distractions, but you have to know that there will always be something disturbing your peace. Just stay calm and they will pass away.

Meditating with external aids

While there is nothing wrong with using external aids for meditation, they may be hindering your progress. This is because meditation is primarily meant to help you deal with your thoughts without any external help. You will strengthen your will-power and endurance if you ‘go solo’.

Changing meditation methods frequently

They say practice makes perfect, and if you keep shifting from one meditation method to another, then you will only end up confusing yourself. Spiritual exercises require a lot of patience. Whether you are taking a Reiki level 2 course or yoga, Vagabond Temple notes that you need to be patient and consistent. A good guru or teacher should tell you when it’s necessary to shift to a different meditation method.

Unrealistic goals

There are fraud teachers who use sensationalism and exaggeration to lure people into their programs. The students end up with unrealistic goals like trying to reach a state of ‘enlightenment’. Eventually, things don’t work out, and they hate meditation in general. Have the right expectations otherwise, you will be frustrated after wasting time seeking an unattainable goal.

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The benefits of meditation cannot be stressed enough. However for you to reap them, ensure you are doing the correct thing. It takes time and dedication before you finally see results but you will eventually get there.