Marketing Strategies for Vet Clinics

Vet with a dog and dog ownerYou will need more than veterinary sympathy card messages to keep your clients. Positive Impressions, LLC says that there are other ways that can help you expand your customer or client base. Learn how you can readily do so with these handy tips and tricks.

Discounts for First Timers

If you are new in the business and you are looking for recurring customers, you might want to consider providing discounts for first timers. Feel free to give your newbie clients some discount treats in their first few visits. Shelling out 10% to 20% of your professional fees might not be that bad to ensure they will return. Besides, you get to reap the return in the long run from regular customers. They could provide a steady source of income for your business.

Loyalty Points For Old Timers

So you would want to reward old timers as much as first timers that you might want to set up a loyalty program. Giving loyalty points for every clinic visit will surely delight your regular customers. You may want to prepare some giveaway items for corresponding points as rewards. Offer pet food or pet grooming products as part of your loyalty program.

Social Media Pet Contests

The best way to spread the good news about your veterinary services is through social media. Creating accounts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram might not be enough to promote your clinic. Hosting a social media pet contest could be useful in promoting your veterinary practice. Not only would you reach more pet owners, but you also get to market your clinic to potential clients.
Learn many other practical ways to make your veterinary clinic more appealing to customers. Look for other marketing strategies online.
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