Leasing a Condo Commercial Space? Here are 3 Business Ideas

Commercial Spaces in MakatiWith the increasing number of condo residents today, starting a business in a condo commercial space is a terrific idea. But these spaces easily get filled up with known food franchises and other popular shops. So, how will you compete with them? Is there a start-up business ideal for this particular place?

Here are three start-up businesses perfect for condo commercial spaces:

1. Laundry Shop

Condo dwellers typically lead busy lives and they have no time to deal with their dirty laundry. Consider putting up a laundry shop in your rented condo to meet this demand. Whether it’s your own shop or a franchise, you’ll need around P100,000 to P300,000 to start this kind of business. In addition, you’ll have to hire two to three employees and train them appropriately. But the shop is easier to run and its return on investment is pretty fast, compared to other businesses.

2. Dental or Medical Clinic

If you are a medical professional, a commercial condo space is a perfect spot to open your own clinic. Condo residents will appreciate the fact that their building has an accessible dental or medical facility. Just make sure you have an affiliation with many medical insurance providers so you can entertain a lot of patients. Also, consider leasing an office space in a Makati condo as residents in this area are often professionals who can afford your services.

3. Spa

Condo residents would love a relaxing massage after a long working day, but they wouldn’t want to have to travel far for it. They’d probably want to hit the sack right after the massage session. Hence, a spa in a condo building is a great business idea! Just make sure you’re hiring certified therapists to ensure the best experience for your clients and repeat business for you.

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With these three business ideas, you will not go wrong. But remember to study the business before starting it, as you need to understand all the risks before venturing into it.