Kids Oral Health: Significant Impact of Dental Sealants

Dental TreatmentA study says that students with fair or poor oral health were more likely to miss school because of dental pain compared to kids that have very good or excellent oral health. Recently, federal officials encouraged schools to create programs that will have dental health professionals put dental sealants on children.

What does a dental sealant do for kids’ oral health? How important is this dental procedure for them?

Introducing Dental Sealants

It is a simple and painless procedure by which dentists paint plastic coatings onto the child’s molars. These are the areas where cavities are most likely to build up because kids can’t brush them well.

The sealants cover the grooved areas of the teeth making the surfaces smooth to prevent them from pit and fissure decay. Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry recommends putting dental sealants on kids as early as six years of age for maximum protection and to prevent extensive damage.

To Become Better Students

The officials said that untreated cavities cause kids to perform badly in school regardless of income level. In addition, children with toothaches earn mostly Cs, Ds, and Fs twice as likely as their peers. Apart from dental pain, they can also cause infection and problems in eating, speaking, and learning.

The dental sealants protect the children’s teeth from 80% of cavities for two years and continue for up to four years from 50% of cavities, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Dental Sealants are Child-Friendly

Some parents doubt the safety of dental sealants due to Bisphenol A or BPA contamination. As they fear the possible risks of exposure to the said chemical, such as health problems in the brain, behavior, and the prostate gland of infants and children.

The American Dental Association spokesperson said that dental sealants contain very small amounts of BPA measured at .001 percent.

Putting dental sealants on kids before decay helps save time and money by avoiding crowns or fillings procedures in the future to fix tooth decay. And apart from having healthy teeth, children will be more confident and motivated to do well at school.