It’s All in the Nose: Rhinoplasty in the 21st Century

the results of a rhinoplastyRhinoplasty in Beverly Hills is now one of the procedures with a high success and efficiency rate. Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills adds that the “nose job” has evolved with science and technology, and these days you could enjoy the benefits of non-invasive approaches that promise the desired results with little risk and quick recovery time.

Traditional surgery

The plastic surgeon often uses rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of the nose or improve its function after a serious injury. A normal surgery involves breaking the original structure of the bone and cartilage. The risk for complications such as fractures and irregularity in shape is very real in this kind of procedure. Cutting and smoothing bone using conventional techniques may also involve damage to surrounding tissue.

Minimally invasive surgery

New surgical techniques offer patients less damage and better recovery. New technologies use 3D imaging for a minimally invasive procedure that offers excellent outcomes. These procedures raise the skin to access the internal structures of the nasal cavity. The surgeon places the incisions within the nose. Without external incisions that take time to heal, this type of plastic surgery makes it easier and faster for patients to recover. Swelling is not serious after the procedure, which allows for less downtime.

Ultrasonic rhinosculpting

Plastic surgeons face the complicated task of improving nasal aesthetics while maintaining the function of the nose. Doctors now offer top-level care with a procedure called, “ultrasonic rhinosculpting.” The innovative procedure shapes the nose beautifully without breaking its parts. The surgeon uses ultrasonic instruments that shape bone and cartilage for a more natural result. The new approach promises a shorter downtime than other methods.

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In the United States, rhinoplasty is the second most availed cosmetic procedure for men, and fifth on the list among women. But now surgeons and patients can choose from different types of procedures, and they can rely on modern technology for excellent results with less risk and a fast recovery.