iPhone 8 Will Have this Revolutionary New Feature, Business Deal all-but Confirms

 Now Apple is going to take a new step ahead and create new revolution among smartphones. The iPhone 8 will go to have the feature called wireless charging and apart from that, there is a rumor that Smartphone will be released in September 2017 in the UK.  The iPhone 8 is going to be the greatest smartphone ever in this smartphone era. They have upgraded lots of features from the last series. You might know that Apple is already included the wireless charging feature in the iPhone 8. You might know that Samsung, HTC, Google and all the rival smartphones are also using the Qi open interface standard for inductive charging. There is a slight change in Apple and that makes it stand in the crowd.

The devices are using the Qi standard, but you might know about the capacity of the wireless charges. The Apple wireless charger works for 10-20m whereas the other devices those are using Qi standard technology, this might support over four centimeters for a wireless charge.

These devices have the four meters of the transmitter which charge its battery as it is to plug to the wall socket. The Radio Frequency system also has the same system and used the wifi too delivers the safe wire-free charging solution. There are Qi charging pads are used for this phones like Galaxy 7 Edge and WattUp RF will charge the phone while if it’s in motion.

– as long as it never moves further than four meters away from the transmitter, of course.According to Energous, up to 12 different receiver devices can be juggled by the system simultaneously.So in theory, your Apple Watch, Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse, iPhone 8 and iPad Pro could all be simultaneously charging whenever they are in the same room as a WattUp RF transmitter.In early 2016, Energous teased it was working with a “tier one” consumer electronics company to implement the WattUp technology into consumer devices.

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No further details of the partnership emerged – until now.According to a new report from Fast Company, Apple supplier Dialog has partnered with Energous.As part of the new deal, Energous received a staggering $10 million investment from chipset maker Dialog Semiconductor last month.That’s not confirmation that Energous will be supplying technology to Apple, but given that “as much as three-quarters of Dialog’s business is with Apple,” it’s a strong indicator.In a statement, Energous CEO Steve Rizzo confirmed the company would be transferring all its silicon operations to Dialog. Mr Rizzone said: “We’re actually transferring all of our silicon operations to Dialog. All the Energies technology will be sold under the Dialog branding and all sales orders will be going through Dialog. It’ll take us about 90 days to do all that.”Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive wants the iPhone 8 “to appear like a single sheet of glass,” according to The Wall Street Journal.