Instagram Says Dogs Dominate the Most Popular Pet Accounts

Smiling dog and treatsInstagram has become more than just a way to post and share social content, but also provide marketing space for promotional products for veterinarians.

Those who currently use the social media website for their veterinary practice need to pay more attention to dogs. According to an Instagram spokesperson, dogs account for 22 out of the top 50 most popular pet accounts, while cats comprised 18 accounts.

Popular Pets

Popular Instagram accounts that feature both canines and felines comprised 4% of the top 50. A good marketing strategy that targets these accounts will be similar to hitting two birds with one stone. Dogs are not just popular on Instagram, but also to online forum Reddit.

Another sign of dogs’ dominating online presence involved the number of searches for videos on YouTube. Based on Google data, dog video inquiries have exceeded the number of online searches for cats on the streaming website since 2014.

If you are the type of person that associates yourself with your pet, then a Mars Petcare survey may answer your question.

Cat and Dog Person

Dog owners tend to earn more than average than cat owners, but the latter holds more creativity, according to the survey. It based its findings on 2,000 owners of cats and dogs. People who keep dogs earn $47,000 compared to $40,000 by cat owners.

This explained why dog owners spend more on their pets since they have more money to pay for products and services. Their spending on clothing and accessories cost 33% more than cat owners, while entertainment expenses cost 26% more.

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Dogs seem to be the stars of social media today, although cat people may find it hard to believe this. While the debate continues, veterinarians should think of how to promote their products and services to both markets.