How to Prolong the Results of Your Dermal Lip Fillers

woman receiving an injection in her lips,You might have been born with thin lips, or they might just be part of your body’s ageing process. Embarrassingly thin lips, however, no longer need to be part of the issues you are battling with.

Dermal lip fillers from a London clinic are the best treatment option for full perky lips. The results last three to six months, but you can prolong this period. Here are some ways you can extend the life of your dermal fillers.

Avoid extreme exercise.

To prolong the life of your filler treatment, avoid activity that increases your heart rate. Fast heart rate increases the speed of flushing out your dermal filler. This does not necessarily mean you stop going to the gym. Consult with your trainer on the best exercises for you.

Keep out of the sun.

UV protection is vital to maintaining the effectiveness of your treatment. UV light increases skin wrinkling and, of course, will negate the efficacy of your treatment. Exposure to the sun and heat also increases your blood flow, which consequently increases the rate the treatment is flushed. Invest in a sunscreen of not less than SPF 30 to use each time you are under the sun.

Practice healthy nutrition habits.

Fruits and vegetables with plenty of water should form part of your daily food consumption for your treatment to last. Refrain from excessive drinking and smoking. Both of these habits will accelerate your skin’s ageing process. Excessive alcohol, for instance, makes wrinkles and fine lines stand out, and dehydrates the skin.

The treatment gives you natural lip fullness with fast recovery and minimal to no side effects. It is essential to have your procedure done by a well-qualified and licensed cosmetic specialist. This is the only way to ensure the filler is injected correctly and prevent grave side effects.

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