How Botox Training for Dentists Can Transform You From GDP to Respected Facial Aesthetics Provider

Botox Training for DentistsFacial aesthetics and Botox training courses are increasingly being embraced by dentists who wish to add another string to their bow. By finding a reputable and respected facial aesthetics training provider, you can take the first steps from General Dental Practitioner to qualified facial aesthetics professional. What’s more, that journey may take less time than you think.

Botox Training Club offers Botox training courses and dermal filler courses for dentists, doctors, and nurses. These courses are run in small groups to ensure that all delegates get plenty of hands-on experiences treating models, which will be provided.

Not so long ago, plastic surgery was the only option for people looking for aesthetic treatment. The idea of elective surgery, plus the relatively high costs and amount of down time required after treatment was enough to put many people off.

However, demand for non-invasive alternatives – Botox, dermal fillers, skin peels, microdermabrasion, for example – has grown rapidly over recent years, leading to an increasing number of dental practices offering such procedures.

The benefits of this are twofold; first, existing patients are often tempted to try facial aesthetics treatments as a complement to cosmetic dental procedures. A dentist with whom they have established a firm relationship of trust, and who has created their “perfect smile” through cosmetic treatments seems an obvious choice for safe and effective facial aesthetics procedures.

Secondly, many more clients are likely to start attending the practice, prompted by seeing the excellent results, their friends have achieved. Often they, too, will be inspired to explore cosmetic dentistry for the first time.

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Facial aesthetics treatments have very high profit margins, which has enabled some GDPs to refocus on this area of work. Whether this is what you want to do or you simply want to add to the procedures your practice can offer, a Botox or dermal filler training course can get the ball rolling.

Botox training courses can take place at weekends, minimising the amount of down time that needs to be taken from work. Full supporting information, including videos, journal articles, and required paperwork will be provided.