Helping Your Child Overcome Dental Fear

Dental FearVisiting the dentist is vital to a child’s oral health. Some children, however, are afraid of seeing one. If your child is experiencing dental fear, this article shares the four ways to alleviate it.

Start Them Young(er)

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the ideal age for children to see a dentist is before turning one. This may seem like a very young age for most parents, but exposing children to the practice earlier than the usual lessens the anxiety by familiarizing them with the dentist and environment involved.

Opt for a Pediatric Dentist

Apart from specializing in tooth, gum, and mouth care, pediatric dentists also focus on the way they deal with children. Dentists familiar to children know how to handle fear and anxiety at its utmost levels. They make sure that young patients are comfortable by allowing books and toys, and by keeping their offices bright and friendly.

Initiate a Meet and Greet

Days or even weeks before your child’s scheduled appointment, acquaint him to the dentist and staff by initiating a meet and greet. Take him to the practice and allow him to review the office and its facilities. Let him wander around and make sure to answer his questions to make him feel comfortable of the equipment, treatment, and procedure.

Make Your Presence Felt

As a parent, it is important to give full attention to your child before, during, and after his first and upcoming dental treatments. Assist him in everything he needs, and make sure to stay while he is in the dental chair. To keep his focus, avoid talking too much and only speak when necessary. Positive reinforcement, however, is a great way to keep him comfortable. Discuss the positive effects of his dental treatment and let him know it will be all OK soon.

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Dental fear exists. Parents, along with the dental industry, can help children get over it. Always ensure that your child is happy and secured about the treatment he is about to take.