Feelings and the Art of Experience

Art of Experience in KentAn artwork’s beauty and appeal rely not just on its subject. It is the sum of the subject, the medium and the background. The same applies to life scenarios.

The type of environment influences the rise of emotions. There is a reason people associate a proper setting for certain events.

Couples have a motivation why they prefer a wedding venue in Kent rather than in London. There is a reason friends will go to The Shard to watch the sunset even if they can see it elsewhere.

There are seemingly mundane events made beautiful by the setting or the background. Entertainment and art rely on this., whether it’s a theatre play, a movie or a pictorial.

The background emits impression and expression. It is a source of emotion. People, throughout their lives, consciously or not, learn how to define a setting.

Individuals associate how they should feel, behave and think of depending on where they are. They learn to associate places to certain thoughts.

In theory, people coming from the same cultural group or social identity will have the tendency to have similar concepts. Children look at certain places differently from adults. Men and women have varied emotions when seeing places, too.

But, of course, these feelings and emotions are not universal. Some people will associate the sea for economic purposes, while a number will look at it as a romantic getaway. Fabricated environments can bring out emotions, too. Elements like props and decorations can induce specific sentiments.

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A couple will find the best venue for a wedding not just to feel great on their special day. Subconsciously or not, they also want their guests to experience the same emotions. They want everyone to absorb the essence of the ceremony and eliminate all distractions.

This is how the right background acts. Setting defines a situation. It brings out the essence and character of an event.

A costume is to a character, and setting is to an event. It elicits pre-conceived thoughts and combines it with the experience going on, resulting in the rise of emotions.