Feeling Stiff at the Office? Try These Office Exercises

Woman stretching in the officeEven when you’re busy at work, you can still sneak in a few exercises to ensure that you always keep your body moving. This can be during your lunch or afternoon break, or whenever you have to stand up and go somewhere a bit far in the office.

Your membership at MUV Fitness Club here in West Columbia, SC, may give you great workouts that lead to a fit body, but your professional work can sometimes hinder you from getting much exercise out of your every day. Here are some exercises you can add:

Warming Up

When you begin to feel a little stiff on your shoulders, you can easily warm your body up by shrugging your shoulders in an exaggerated motion for ten times. Afterwards, you can perform shoulder circles forwards and backwards for ten times each. Now, you can start exercising more intensely in the office.

Working Your Upper Body

You can work your biceps using a three-hole puncher, a filled water bottle, a heavy stapler, or any heavy object. You can stand or sit while doing this exercise. Simply hold the object in your hand or hands, palms facing up. Then bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle and curl your arms towards your chest.

For working out your chest and your triceps, you can easily do desk push-ups and chair dips. You can do these two exercises discreetly when you have your own office or cubicle. They may be more noticeable to do in open-space offices, however.

Strengthening Your Core

For your core, you can do simple leg raises or knee-ins on your chair. When you can attain some privacy in the office, however, you may be able to do some planks and side planks. Otherwise, you can simply contract your abs for 30 seconds, relax, and repeat.

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Exercising Your Legs

Now you can work on your legs. You can hold a wall sit for 30 seconds, or you can perform chair squats by standing and sitting down until you touch your chair. A 10-minute walk can even be beneficial.

Even at the office, you can now exercise your whole body until you hit the gym.