Faster Orthodontic Treatments? Now a Possibility

Orthodontic TreatmentTechnology is no doubt an integral component of many health industries, including dentistry and orthodontics. With the use of improved, technologically-innovative tools and equipment, oral health care professionals can make their patients feel little to no discomfort and pain, speed up treatments, and make procedures safer in general.

In-Office CT Scans

Nowadays, orthodontists who put extreme value in their patient’s time and convenience have started using in-office CT scans. Basically, these are imaging devices that assist implantologists to assess the jawbone and surrounding structure so that they can develop a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography equipment dramatically reduces an individual’s exposure to radiation. It also helps get rid of the waste and the dangers of associated with film processing. In addition, this technology allows orthodontic practitioners in Milton Keynes to store their patient records digitally, affording them quicker access and analysis when necessary.

Damon Braces and Other Self-Litigating Braces

Self-litigating braces, such as the Damon system, are extremely welcome additions to the orthodontic field of dentistry. They differ from traditional orthodontic appliances in terms of comfort and length of time needed to see results. With these more innovative systems, patients experience significantly reduced discomfort and pain. Treatment also takes a lot less time, with some completing the procedures within a year or even less.

Invisible Brackets

Invisible brackets, as the term already suggests, are not your regular wire and metal brackets. These are difficult to notice, offering patients an aesthetic, almost-invisible alternative to conventional orthodontic solutions. The Invisalign system is arguably the most popular and commonly sought-after type of appliance in this category. Aside from the aesthetic benefits, these brackets also work and produce results faster than their wire-and-metal counterparts.

Orthodontic treatments provide more than just a beautiful smile. They are well-documented procedures that help improve overall oral health, and much thanks to these innovations, you can expect better, faster results.