FamilyCare Health Coverage for Families in Illinois

Seniors in a FamilyCare program with their doctorThe FamilyCare program of the State of Illinois ensures that health insurance is no longer an issue for parents or anyone with underage dependents. Healthcare expert Health Solutions states that regardless of income, all families can avail of healthcare for their children and dependents.

Let’s say your parents have passed without inheritance, and the care of your siblings has been entrusted to you – signing on for FamilyCare will help ensure the health of your loved ones, even in cities with high living costs such as Chicago.

What services have coverage in FamilyCare? Here are a few:

Prescription medicine

If you sign on, it will help pay for prescription drugs such as Xanax ($8), amoxicillin ($9 each), and Levoxyl ($12 each). These drugs may look affordable on paper, but expenses can ramp up very quickly, especially for maintenance. This universal healthcare plan will help defray the costs of these medicines.


FamilyCare also covers checkups in any accredited healthcare providers in the state. This can be crucial for patients recovering from surgery or requiring outpatient care.


FamilyCare also covers hospital admissions and treatments (e.g. surgery, intensive care, and rehabilitation).

Dental care

If you are raising at least one toddler, FamilyCare will be of great help to you, as this healthcare program can also help pay for regular dental checkups, as well as other services such as extractions and root canals.

Of course, FamilyCare is not free; however, payment premiums are at a much lower rate than most healthcare plans. The payment would depend on your income bracket, which undergoes adjustment every year.

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You would also need to register a medical home (which can be a clinic or a hospital) that knows you and your family’s needs. To sign on for this program, you may head over to the Illinois government website for more information.