Facts that You Need to Know about Body Contouring

Neck and Shoulder of a womanThese days, many people struggle with obesity. Hence, one of the most common goals every New Year is to lose weight. Although weight loss sounds great, doing it in an unhealthy way can have adverse effects on our body. Fortunately, an expert like Clarity Skin offers body-contouring technology for customers who want to get the figure that they have always wanted. However, before you go and take the procedure, here are some facts that you might want to know:

Tugging Sensation

You will feel a tugging sensation once you undergo a body-contouring procedure. According to Healthline, your doctor will put a roll of body fat between two cooling panels on your body. This creates a pulling sensation that will last for at least two hours, which is the typical length of time.


Soon after the procedure, some people experience numbness near the area of the scarring, which is sometimes referred to as phantom skin. The sensation will take weeks or even months before it completely disappears.


Most lift procedures often leave noticeable scars, especially on the most prominent parts in our body. These scars can be a source of insecurity, especially when you do physical activities like swimming. However, you can rest assured that these marks will fade eventually. In addition, there are systems available to help remove them as soon as possible.

In the end, undergoing a body sculpting procedure is an excellent way for people to achieve the body that they want. That is why it is essential to understand everything that might happen once you go under the knife. Working with a reputable cosmetic surgeon ensures that the procedure will go as smoothly as possible.

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