Don’t Let Your Pearly Whites Lose Their Radiance

Dental model and dental equipmentYour smile is one of the things you most like about yourself, thanks to the radiance of your pearly whites. As such, you do your best to maintain optimal oral health, including brushing and flossing as how experts recommend you do.

However, there are just some factors, such as normal wear and tear, as well as age, that you don’t have complete control over, which can cause your teeth to sustain discoloration.

You aren’t alone. Yellowed, stained, or spotted teeth, according to Mid Jersey Smiles, is a huge problem that many adults in the US face. The good news is, there are many teeth whitening treatments now available.

You can prevent further discoloration and even bring back the glory of your once radiant smile. Know, though, that learning more about just how this issue starts and the factors that cause it is key to achieving this goal.

Your eating and other personal habits

One of the two main types of tooth discoloration happens extrinsically — or outside of the teeth. This has a lot to do with your habits and lifestyle. For instance, the food and beverages you normally include in your diet can cause staining, such as berries, coffee, tea, wine, and soda among several others.

Smoking tobacco cigarettes also places a huge toll on the enamel of your teeth, with the tar from the smoke causing serious yellowing, even browning, and spotting.

Seeking professional help for discolored teeth

Quitting your smoking habits is a great start, not just for your teeth, but for your overall health. However, this won’t give your teeth its whiteness back. The good news is, you’ll find the help you need through reputable dental offices offering the latest teeth whitening procedures, including the innovative laser-based treatments.

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Knowing what causes discoloration and staining will help you minimize your risks. However, to truly get rid of the traces of yellowed, stained, or spotted teeth, you would benefit the most from professional whitening services.