Don’t Let Your Lost Permanent Tooth Greatly Affect Your Life

Woman Covering Her Mouth

Losing a permanent tooth is indeed a distressing experience. It can affect many components of a person’s life, not just their outward appearance. While it can ruin a person’s otherwise beautiful and face-illuminating smile, it can destroy more than just that.

Leaving the space the lost tooth left empty can give rise to more serious oral health conditions, including difficulties in eating and speaking, or worse, jawbone loss. Much thanks to tooth implants though, you have a way to minimize your risks of developing the issues above.

Through properly carried out dental implant treatments, you can avoid the following consequences of missing tooth.

Problems with Biting and Chewing

Losing a tooth means having one less tool for eating and chewing. Because of the space the lost tooth creates, you can put less pressure on the food you are eating, making it harder for you to break it down for easier swallowing. As such, you can even face the more serious problem of accidental choking.

Furthermore, the gap that your lost permanent tooth leaves behind also puts your other teeth at the risk of moving out of their original locations. This can then lead to crookedness or even the worsening of an existing malocclusion or misalignment.

Adverse Changes in Your Speech

Your lost tooth can also affect the way you pronounce your words, and in general, your speech. You can develop slurred way of speaking, even a lisp. Depending on the tooth you lost, you may find it harder to form the sounds associated with certain letters or words.

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Deterioration of the Jawbone

A primary reason behind the number of consumers opting for dental implants is their ability to prevent bone deterioration. Note that implants are the only tooth replacement appliance out there that can do this, since they attach to the jawbone, providing it with adequate stimulation necessary for it to remain intact.

All in all, with a dental implant properly placed on the area where you lost a permanent tooth, you can reduce the possibilities of these problems arising.