Do I Need Braces?

Dental BracesYou may need braces if you have an uncomfortable bite. Does your bite feel funny? Do you bite down and your teeth don’t fit together properly? Do you bite down and have a space between your upper and lower teeth? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you may need to consider braces.

When the teeth fit together correctly, they protect themselves as your jaw moves. When you have a large overbite or underbite, the teeth aren’t protected, leaving your teeth susceptible to trauma and damage.

You may also wish to consider braces if food gets stuck in between your teeth. If this happens to you it usually means you have a ‘food pocket’, which forms when you have a small space between teeth. If you don’t floss often, it could sit there for days or weeks, before the saliva takes care of it. Saliva can take a long time to flush it out and remove it. In the meantime, bacteria attack the bits of food and create an area for plaque to live in. This can then lead to problems like cavities and gum inflammation.

Braces may also be appropriate if your mouth is crowded. Functionally, if your teeth are crowded and overlapped, it’s even difficult for a professional hygienist to ensure your teeth surfaces stay clean. When there is overcrowding, there may be two or three surfaces touching other teeth, creating pockets and wedges that are more difficult to clean. Crowded teeth need be addressed to ensure you maintain the health of your gums and jawbone.

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To discuss your available options for braces, a reputable dentist such as Burwell Dental in Loughton could be the place for you.

Six Month Smiles?

If you want a subtle approach to your braces, then Six Month Smiles could be the answer. Six Month Smiles braces work by focusing specifically on those teeth presented during smiling rather than aiming for full alignment changes within the mouth. The tooth-coloured wires used are made from nickel titanium and are used to exert pressure on the teeth within the smile range, known as the ‘social six’. Monthly follow up visits are required and a removable retainer should be used when sleeping.