Do Dental Implants Live Up To The Hype?

Smiling senior woman with new dental implants sitting in the dental officeWhen someone explores options for replacing their teeth, it won’t be long before they come across dental implants in Leeds. This innovative dental solution has been around for a long time, but recent refinements have made them even more accessible and effective than before, so they are steadily growing in popularity.

Dental implants in Leeds are readily recommended by practitioners like Enhancedental. This is because they offer patients many of the qualities of natural teeth, and so they are method of tooth replacement that generates a high degree of patient satisfaction. They are known to be aesthetically pleasing, stable, effective and long-lasting. Can any dental treatment really live up to this kind of reputation? When it comes to dental implants, the answer is yes.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The base of a dental implant is made from titanium and is typically cylindrical or screw-shaped. This sits in the patient’s jawbone and prosthetic teeth are attached to the top. The latter is the part that is visible, and they sit in the same position as natural teeth would.

The patient’s dentist matches the shade of dental implants to any remaining teeth as closely as possible. If there are no remaining teeth, they can match a photograph or give the patient an age-appropriate shade.

Skilful and aesthetically pleasing restoration is part of dentist’s job when they are fitting dental implants in Leeds.

Stable and Effective

A dental implant is held in place by the bone of the jaw. Once they are fitted, bone grows around them and secures each implant so that it effectively becomes a part of the body’s structure. This means that the patient is able to use their dental implants in the same way as normal teeth. They offer the same amount of bite pressure and stability.

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Dental implants can, in theory, last a lifetime if they are properly cared for. This means a diligent dental hygiene routine and regular check-ups with the dentist. While implants themselves are not susceptible to decay, any surrounding teeth still need to be looked after, along with the gums. Gum disease is as bad for dental implants as it is for natural teeth and it can lead to dental implant loss.