Let’s Take a Quick Look At The Detailed Features Of The Casio px 860

If you are a musician and looking for that perfect compact piano within your budget, look no further, presenting to you the Casio px 860. Imagine a compact piano with a perfect sound. This revolutionary piano will turn your small living room into a grand concert auditorium once you start playing it. The PX-860 contains an advanced AIR sound set which provides an added realism, sympathetic resonance, and grand Piano lid simulation; an all in one compact piano, which you would love to play. Let’s take a quick look at the detailed features of the Casio px 860.


This state of the art piano with 88 key hammers action keyboard. It has got a stylish finish & looks classy apart from having an elegant touch while playing it. These piano gives artists the complete freedom of expression and feels like a high-end acoustic instrument. kawai digital piano review The keys have detailed response for some virtuoso playing as well. The sound easily beats highly expensive grand pianos at almost half the budget of it. This piano is all in one in its way.


  • There are a range of functions which allow splitting, layering, tuning and metronome additions
  • Interaction via USB ports has been enabled in this model
  • There are 18 preset sounds with split & layer functions.
  • There are three pedals
  • Acoustic and intelligent resonator processor present.
  • Audio recordings are of high quality
  • Duet mode which splits the keyboard into the two equal ranges.
  • Hammer response feature with scaled hammer action II keyboard.

Pros of Casio px 860

  • One of the most important advantages of the Casio px 860 is its price. It costs just above $1000 and stands way ahead of the other digital pianos available at this price range.
  • The clean and sleek look of the piano, with a beautiful finish, has a sliding cover which protects it. The Casio px 860 looks a lot more expensive than it is.
  • The keys have an ebony and ivory finish which gives it a timeless and classy look.
  • It has a brilliant sound, way ahead of all the competitors available in the market having the same price range.
  • Smooth and gliding touch, the keys are well connected all over the keyboard and helps with the speed.
  • The intelligent pedaling and keys deliver rich quality acoustic sound and feel.
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Cons of Casio px 860

  • While the sound is really good in this one, it is slightly behind other brands if compared. But it is a minor point and can be ignored.
  • Another disadvantage is that the Casio px 860 allows its user to record only 5000 notes. This is a disadvantage for musicians playing or composing longer creations. They might be highly disappointed with its recording capacity.

This piano is a value for money, and a must-have if you are looking for something cheap yet looks and feels grand.

NOVUS combines Kawai’s most advanced digital piano technology yet, with a hybrid version of its acclaimed Millennium III ABS Carbon grand piano action.