Dental Sports Injuries: What to Do When Your Child is Hurt

Kids doing karateAccording to estimates by the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation, youth sporting events every year see about three million teeth knocked out by various reasons, such as a flying elbow or a soccer ball to the face.

To prevent your child’s teeth from being knocked out or damaged themselves, you can have an Indianapolis dentist fashion a custom mouth guard that fits snugly in the mouth and protects the teeth.

In Case of Dental Injuries

Of course, your child may still sustain a dental injury. He or she may have forgotten to wear the mouth guard. Alternately, the mouth guard may have failed to protect the teeth from blows to the mouth. Parents, what do you do in such situations?


Knocked-out teeth need immediate dental attention. Try to find the knocked-out tooth or teeth if you can, clean it, and try to place it back into the socket if possible. Otherwise, put it in a cup of milk. You can then immediately schedule an emergency appointment with a dentist.

Loose or Damaged

Loose and damaged teeth need urgent attention as well. You can keep loose teeth in place by biting down, and proceed immediately to the dentist. Damaged teeth need cleaning first before you can go to the dentist.


When your child sustains a dental injury, however, and the tooth or teeth sustained too much damage or lost forever, you can look into replacing your child’s missing teeth. Now, an Indianapolis dental implant can be a great way to replace your child’s missing tooth or teeth. You will have to wait, however.

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The dentist can install dental implants in children once jaw growth is completed. For boys, jaw growth can end by 17 and by 14 or 15 for girls. The dentist will still have to evaluate your child’s jaw, however, to ensure the dentist can place the implants already.

Younger children will have to wait until there is complete jaw growth. In the meantime, you can have your child wear dentures to keep him or her away from embarrassment.